Sunday, March 21, 2010

So Anthro...

I have fallen in love with everything vintage. Vintage furniture, clothes, name it, I love it. One thing I am horrible at is putting together the vintage pieces and making it look adorable. Although, to make that job easy all you have to do is walk into Anthropologie and they pretty much take care of any disability you may have in putting a vintage looking outfit together. Anthropologie is full of inspiration. Their store decor team never fails to amaze me with their inexpensive creative masterpieces that they do every season. Honestly who thinks of making tropical flowers out of water bottles? Or grass boxes out of cut up water hoses? Or a winter wonderland out of plastic cups and milk cartons? Or falling snow out of fishing wire and mini marshmallows? Or an ostrich out of rolled paper? Not only do their decorations leave me speechless but their clothes are so adorable. They are the definition of girly. Ruffles, bows, floral. I have discovered a couple of women's blogs that make amazing vintage accessories. Check these out! Most of the girls have etsy stores so you are able to purchase their stuff to complete your future outfit! Blog #1: Viva Full House This girl has been blessed with twin girls and triplet boys! Talk about a crazy busy life! I don't know how she finds time to make these amazing belts/shoes/hair accessories!

Blog #2: Whippy Cake This girl knows everything girly! She gives videos on how to get great hair and can make some amazing accessories! My favorite are her Glamour Bands, chokers, baby saks and boy ties! There is something that makes my heart melt when a baby girl has a headband with a flower the size of their precious head! Blog #3: Vintage Dreamz I just came across this blog this week. These girls know what they are doing! They make the most adorable wall hangings and accessories! Here are a couple pics but browse the blog and find so much more!


  1. Ok... I gotta make the trip to Anthro cuz I have only been there once ever.

    And... I gotta get me a flower headband. If the girls on American Idol can do it... I can too dang it!!!!!

  2. I just now saw your shout out for Whippy Cake on your blog. I just wanted to say thank you so much! I love finding enthusiastic admirers. Thanks so much for the sweet words :)


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