Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Doggy Divas

Since moving to Washington, Jonathan and I completely lost our mind and decided to let our dog sleep on the bed with us at night. This was initially supposed to be a one night event because we felt bad for being gone too long that day. Well that ONE night has turned to every night since and now Walter thinks he owns our bed. We can't get into bed at anytime of the day without him going crazy and wanting up as well. Interesting enough, he was first completely content with sleeping at the foot of the bed but last night I woke up with him sleeping just as people do...his head on the pillow and his body parallel with ours. I'm considering taking away his new throne but I don't know if I will win that battle. Of course I still want my pup to have the best sleeping conditions so I have found a couple of alternatives to look into... My sister will need the bunk beds for her two... And this one is for the ultimate diva. I want this in my size for me!


  1. Oh my gosh!! I love!! Roxy wants the last one, total diva style.... a diva is a female version of a hustla, of a, of a hustla....

  2. You are out of your mind if you buy one of these for Walter! I will never let you live it down!!!!! hahaha!