Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Unemployment: an economic condition marked by the fact that individuals actively seeking jobs remain unhired.

The definition is exactly on target but missing a couple other parts that are attached with the "actively seeking" part.

Unemployment...Part II: while actively seeking jobs and remaining unhired, feelings of frustration, highs and lows, day dreaming, worry, boredom, depression and more dreaming will likely occur.

I have a friend that was laid off about 9 months ago. In her situation, she was very fortunate because it was not her decision to take part in the unemployed statistic. She gets a small but still comforting unemployment check and continues to search for her next job while still being able to budget in some fun dinners, coffee dates, shopping trips and travel. I'm jealous of her. She gets an unemployment check! That sounds glorious! Now to my current situation. I differ from my friend because I chose this unemployment. What? Did I really say that? Yep. Although I am still completely confident that God will come through with the endless resumes and cover letters I have submitted, it is a fight to wonder and worry of how long I will be living with a VERY open, available and flexibly schedule. It's so crazy how the grass always looks greener. When you are in a job, all you look forward to are vacations and days off. But when you are blessed with an over abundance of (unpaid) "days off", all you want is to be back in the schedule that is made by someone else. Summer is now ending in the Northwest. I have been spoiled by the weather thus far. I was starting to wonder if the "rainy/gray weather" was just a hoax people talked about. 99% of the days in the past month have ranged between 65 and 85 degrees with blue skies and sunshine. Today is beautiful but definitely gray. I'm thinking the gray might not be the most productive weather for me to stay positive and focused. I need your prayers for doors to open! I'm completely confident that they will! But every little prayer will help! Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. ~Joshua 1:9

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  1. Honey I have missed your blog!!!!!! I am just now getting back into the real world. Christie God will provide and at his perfect time. Until then....enjoooooooooooy. You will be back to work and then the crazy holidays and then brewing a baby and then raising that baby before you know it!!!! Chin up sweetie! Good things are around the corner! We miss you!