Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tied with a Bouw...

I have become a huge fan of the blog, Tied with a Bouw! The inspiration of this blog comes from Sonja Bouw who lives in Malaysia with her husband and new baby girl, Allegra, whom she just had last week! So precious!

Sonja has done an absolutely amazing job creating a crisp, bright, modern space for her and her new family to live! She is currently featured in the most current issue Adore Magazine, where she shares some more pics of her home and her new nursery. Check it out here!

Here is some eye candy of her space!

(Images via Tied with a Bouw)


  1. You know I think it's beautiful...but just not my style. How are we friends? hahahaha! Love you girlie! Get home!

  2. Hi Christie! How have I only just seen your very kind post?! Thanks so much for the little feature :)Wishing you a brilliant 2011... Son xo