Friday, May 13, 2011

Painting the apartment...

A couple months ago I decided I was sick about having beige walls we have to live with while renting an apartment.  I really don't like beige.  Although it can look really nice if done right, I feel like its pretty much the color everybody puts in their house because it's 'safe' and it's just too traditional and ordinary for me at this moment in my life!

I LOVE all white walls and I'm pretty much obsessed with anything black and white and eventually get some color punches on the walls or with some accessories.

I really like wallpaper but can't do that and it is definitely spendy, so I decided to get a Cutting Edge Stencil, the Casablanca pattern, to try to get the same affect as wall paper.  I wanted the wall to be predominantly white with the black design but since it was a reverse stencil, I had to first paint the wall black and then paint the stencil with white.  It took FOREVER!  Let's just say you can't do one coat of white over black...try doing FOUR coats and then you'll get the pure white!  Here are some pics of the process!

First had to paint the wall black
Let the stenciling begin...


Now I just need a rustic wood table, some navy velvet drapes and some hot pink touches and I will be done! 

P.S.  Sorry for the bad pics...that's as good as I get with my iPhone camera skillz :)


  1. Wow girl!!!! That is so impressive. Stenciling is no joke! It looks amazing!

  2. Are you kidding me? Your wall (and mirror) look amazing!wow!

  3. Makes me want to paint ours too!!! I mean If I have to stay here until we buy our house y does it have to look so sterile lol FABULOUS HUN so glad I found ur blog :)

  4. You have some patient and perseverance! That's what I want planning to do on our bedroom. Instead, I left the accent wall grey and opted for having black and white photo / art gallery wall. I didn't have the balls to do stencil!!

    Great job!

  5. My goodness it sure is beautiful!!How did you do this?? Would you tell us step by step. It is so lovely!!!

  6. Thank you everybody for your lovely comments!

    Gabriela - Here is the process of getting the finished product...1) Paint the entire wall black (this is the color you will want the design to be since it is a reverse stencil) 2) Tape the stencil on the wall and begin to paint the white over the black. It took 4 coats of white paint to be completely pure over the white. That was the worst part! It would be easier to do colors that didn't need so many coats. 3) Once the first stencil dries, move the stencil to match the pattern and do this over and over and over to complete the wall! Cutting Edge Stencils has several amazing stencils!