Tuesday, April 20, 2010

9 by Design

I am absolutely smitten with the new show 9 by Design. Tonight was the second episode where the family of 9 is trying to get into their new Manhattan home. This couple is an absolute, creative masterpiece! They started their business, Sixx Design, when they were first married. They bought a old, run down building (all they could afford) and gutted it and built it up...literally. There is no space in NYC to build out so they just build these homes up...3, 4 and 5 stories high! Amazing! They have grown their business and everybody seems to want a piece of their modern, vintage, eclectic design. They now have 7 very energetic children and it is very amusing watching them live their life and run their business. One thing I need to mention is that they are crafty with their decor. They don't go crazy and spend insane amounts of money on everything! They go to thrift stores and flea markets. They use street signs for decor, lights/chandeliers from closed factories and concrete for counter tops! Their ideas and visions are absolutely fascinating! This basketball court was on top of a house they just moved out of! They caged it in so no ball was lost obviously! Who says the city isn't for children?! The Novogratz Family: Robert (Dad), Cortney (Mom), Wolfie (11), Bellamy (10), Tellulah (10), Breaker (8), Five (3), Holleder (3), Major (3 months).


  1. Ok... first let's talk about their names.....I gotta read them again! Odd... but yet catchy!!!!!

    I haven't heard of this show! Gonna have to put down the "Pawn Stars" to check it out!!!

    Why do I like all of the coral/hot pink drapes? Crazy.

    My boys would.go.nuts on that bball court! So cool!

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the show and the family. Pretty sure I don't just want to live inside of their houses and design, but also want to live with THEM! My new fav show.