Monday, May 10, 2010

It's been too long...

Hello everyone! I have been gone for quite some time. Life has been crazy. When the weather gets nice I get this energy to just be doing things nonstop! Also with the end of the school year comes deadlines and lots of extra activities that I have to attend. Three weeks until summer break! The the last couple weeks I have done a lot! The hubby and I went to Seattle, I went to visit my family and my Mom in Arkansas, I got to see my best friend, I've been causing trouble with my SIL and then celebrated Mothers day yesterday with my other mom! So much family and friends...I'm having the time of my life. So what can I not get enough of lately? Ruffles. I love Ruffles. They are so feminine and lovely.


  1. You have been gone too long! I used to hate the ruffles... but now am trying to find a shirt with them and totally digging them.

    Why am I the only one who comments on your blog????? We need to put some pressure on your peeps!

  2. Jen isn't the ONLY one!!! I love that ruffle bed set. I've been looking for a new bed set - well for a couple of years. I can't commit. But I could commit to those ruffles!