Friday, June 18, 2010


You know when you find something that you have had an image of in your mind forever and when you find it your heart starts racing and you get short of breath? That is just what happened to me when I discovered an absolutely amazing furniture vender that is based in New York. Liv-Chic is the definition of "modern-vintage"style. They have the most amazing vintage/antique furniture and their modern twist is the color and fabrics used. Here are some of the Chic-est things I've seen in the US...
Note to Debbie Wagy...Lauren needs this bed in aqua for her future bedroom!


  1. Note to Debbie Wagy .... you find the bed and I know a painter! haha!

  2. Thanks for blogging about us here at Liv-Chic! I would love to give all of your readers 10% off in appreciation! We can also do completely custom furniture, just send us your pics to work off of!
    Thanks again!-
    Liv Chic

  3. I just discovered the Liv-Chic website too. The stuff is AMAZING!