Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Projects, Walter and Pink

Its been a looooong time and I have no excuse. I'm a slacker and just love my summers! I began my summer by catering to my husband since he had his wisdom teeth removed. Let's just say he milked every second of it!
Here is the before of my first project of the summer. I have started an upholstery class with a coworker of mine. It is A LOT of work but I'm excited and hoping my first piece ends up being a success. Here is the original chair and I will be showing you the chair with its makeover next week! (that is only if it is good enough to show)
(yes...I can't figure out how to rotate the stinkin' pic)
We have also acquired an antique french sofa that needs some major work but has an awesome structure! I've never done a sofa but you gotta start somewhere. Walter is really liking having a piece of furniture he can call his for the moment. Here is a pic of how much he loves it. This was taking my Jonathan who I would have to say has an eye for photography.
And here is some lovely inspiration to make your heart melt...hopefully!
We have some dressers like this that I hope to have redone like this one :)
Please talk Jonathan into letting me use hot pink as an accent!

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