Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Kind of CAMPING!

Jonathan has been on this kick of becoming a kayaker. With that hobby he says that we would need to become campers too. The only kind of camping I do is doing the outdoors by day and a hotel by night. I'm just not that into sleeping under the stars...with no roof separating us. Well, I think that I may be changing my mind. As long as Jonathan promises me that his image of camping looks like this then I'm in! (images via the decorista)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Amazing Giveaway

To be perfectly honest, it is eating me up that I'm having to tell you guys about this but it is part of the requirements of the contest. Yesterday I posted about my new favorite furniture by Liv-Chic! Well I have come to find out that the amazing blogger of Ciao Bella is having a giveaway-of-a-lifetime! She has a breath-taking Liv-Chic bed that she will be giving away! I wouldn't miss this opportunity! And if you end up winning (and I don't) I would totally take the bed as a gift! haha! Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 18, 2010


You know when you find something that you have had an image of in your mind forever and when you find it your heart starts racing and you get short of breath? That is just what happened to me when I discovered an absolutely amazing furniture vender that is based in New York. Liv-Chic is the definition of "modern-vintage"style. They have the most amazing vintage/antique furniture and their modern twist is the color and fabrics used. Here are some of the Chic-est things I've seen in the US...
Note to Debbie Wagy...Lauren needs this bed in aqua for her future bedroom!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Projects, Walter and Pink

Its been a looooong time and I have no excuse. I'm a slacker and just love my summers! I began my summer by catering to my husband since he had his wisdom teeth removed. Let's just say he milked every second of it!
Here is the before of my first project of the summer. I have started an upholstery class with a coworker of mine. It is A LOT of work but I'm excited and hoping my first piece ends up being a success. Here is the original chair and I will be showing you the chair with its makeover next week! (that is only if it is good enough to show)
(yes...I can't figure out how to rotate the stinkin' pic)
We have also acquired an antique french sofa that needs some major work but has an awesome structure! I've never done a sofa but you gotta start somewhere. Walter is really liking having a piece of furniture he can call his for the moment. Here is a pic of how much he loves it. This was taking my Jonathan who I would have to say has an eye for photography.
And here is some lovely inspiration to make your heart melt...hopefully!
We have some dressers like this that I hope to have redone like this one :)
Please talk Jonathan into letting me use hot pink as an accent!