Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jaw Dropping Dresses!

Ok so there have been two dresses I can't seem to get out of my head! These things are sooooo amazing! It could help that the girls wearing them are not too shabby themselves! Stunning...
Sarah Jessica Parker Can Barely Sleep Before 'Sex and the City 2' World Premiere
I can't wait for tomorrow! (I promise I'll wait Hannah)


  1. Why does Hannah get all the secrets? Hahah!

    I love the top pic.

    Love Sarah's tan with the yellow.... but she is not my fav. I can't stand Sex and The City..... so I think that's why I don't like her!

  2. This is true proof that we are bff!!! I love love love the SJP dress! I did some hair for girls going to the premiere Monday night, and I wanted to sneak down there and stalk my SATC girls!!! Kyle was terribly sick, so I picked my marriage over my movie and stayed home to take care of him... I guess it was a good decision! P.s. June 12 cannot come soon enough!!!!!