Monday, February 15, 2010

A girl can dream...

Last year Jonathan and I were fortunate enough to have a two-bedroom apartment which blessed us with two decent sized closets. This year, we decided to move into the city. Although we absolutely love the location, this decision resulted in sharing a closet. For most women, sharing a closet wouldn't be too challenging. But when your husband has the same, if not more clothes than you, the space can get really cramped! I will dedicate this post to my dream of a closet that resembles more of a showroom of fashion than a place to store clothes. Someday we will get this girls...
(Carrie Bradshaw)
(Kimora Lee)
(Mariah Carey)
(Paula Abdul)
(Fergie--Part I)
(Fergie--Part II)
(Christina Aguilera)
(Eva Longoria--Part I)
(Eva Longoria--Part II)
(Nicki Hilton)
(Paris Hilton)
And this one for my hubby...

1 comment:

  1. Ok.....seriously.....the first several closets I thought were lovely... then I started to want to throw up at complete and utter EXCESS of some of those clothes/shoes. I just want one pair of Miss Me jeans! Did you see that closet with like a rack of jeans???????

    Maybe I'm jealous. Maybe those stars are out of control. But yeah, I'd still take a HUGE closet any day. To have a chandelier and a lounger in my closet would rock!