Saturday, February 27, 2010

Looking into my future...

I've been thinking about this for a while now, after seeing a beautiful house last night, I think I have made a final decision. I want all the walls in my future home to be black and white and the color will come from the accessories. This room is a perfect example of what I love. It gives me butterflies every time I look at it. For the most part, I love rooms/furniture/accessories that have character and/or history. But I do like some pieces of modern decor. This room has a perfect combination of the two..."modern vintage" is what I like to call it.
I'll start with the furniture...
1) The velvet sofa is to die for. I absolutely love velvet (as you can probably see from previous posts). So many people think that velvet is only for fall/winter...they obviously have no clue what they are thinking.
2) The coffee table is very modern. I love it. I have seen these coffee tables in several rooms recently. You can do so much with them. They accessorize this one very elegantly. I have seen some with stacks of vintage books underneath. It looks amazing!
3) The rug just spices up the whole room. It takes the space from calm to sassy :)
4) There isn't much to say about the bookshelf except that I LOVE bookshelves. If you don't have one in your house then start shopping or building now!
5) Now, I've saved the best for last...The fireplace and molding. I'm sure I will be posting on my love for ornate and Victorian architecture in the near future. That's where all the character comes in. There are not words to describe its perfection.


  1. You crack me up! White walls?????? We are breaking up! You will have gorgeous faux finished walls.... I guess I could do white! ha!

  2. PS.... How can I steal that rug????

  3. P.S.S. And I love the name of this post.