Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Tomorrow I will be thinking about the friends and family back home and how I'll be missing them like crazy! Growing up, my family traveled to Arkansas for the family gathering (50+ immediate family...I did say Arkansas). Early mass in the morning and then back to Grandmas to begin the preparation for the feast. I have the best memories. To many of us to fit in the house, so some eat inside and the rest eat on fold out tables in the garage and the spread is served on the deep freeze. Cherish those times.

I am excited for the invitation to eat Thanksgiving dinner here with some new friends we have made. And at night, let the games begin as we get to experience for the first time, the Burton Bake-off, which is known to be very competitive.

On another note, a big family meal allows the excuse to create an amazing tablescape for your guests. It's time to break out the good china, light some candles and set the mood!

Cheers! Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

(images via House of Turquoise, Eddie Ross and The Decorista)

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  1. Love your blog!! And so excited to have you over for Thanksgiving!!!